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We often use the weekend to catch up on sleep, try to de-stress from the work week and try to relax. It usually doesn’t bring lasting relief, however. In my Rest, Relax & Renew Private sessions, we’ll work together on lasting relief. Some will be sessions we do only together where you simply lie back while I lead you in restorative yoga or a sound bath. The other sessions, we’ll work on what you can do at home to bring you to a state of calm no matter what the situation you are facing.

This 4 Session Package includes learning Healing Meditations for Stress Reduction, experiencing Restorative Yoga, de-stressing with Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing Meditation, and learning to completely relax with Conscious Relaxation.

Or, if you like, you can pick any one, two or three sessions, it’s up to you!

Rest, Relax & Renew Stress Reduction
Four 60 minute sessions package available
These sessions can be done through Zoom
Deep Relaxation is in Person Only but not at this time during COVID-19

Deb will lead you through these sessions, some of which you will be given handouts on how you can practice at home.

Healing Meditations for Stress Reduction – Guided Meditations have long been known to be extremely powerful techniques for stress reduction which in turn rejuvenates and heals the body. whether you would like to reduce everyday stress in your life – or want to experience a boost to your body’s natural healing systems – come join me for an uplifting session. Take what you learn and apply it at home.

Restorative Yoga  – Restorative yoga consists of poses where you lay supine on the floor. We typically use only a few comfortable poses throughout the session using blankets, bolsters, blocks and pillows. If Dineen is available at your appointment time, she can provide Energy Healing as you rest. I’ll show you how you can do these same restful poses at home with items you may have around the house.

Sound Bath with Crystal Singing Bowls – The beautifully, deep vibrations and tones of the crystal singing bowls will take you to a world of calm and peace. You can lie down or sit. This session is for you to completely release and let go and let yourself be healed.

Conscious Relaxation – Conscious relaxation is a guided meditation that induces full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness. It is also known by the name Yoga Nidra. It is also practiced lying down, with the aid of blankets and props to comfort and support your body. It is an ancient but lesser known yogic technique described as “the sleep that awakens pure being.” You’ll receive a recording that you can use at home whenever you need help in consciously relaxing.

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