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Take a Mindful Approach to Your Healing and Wellness

Sessions Can Be Done in Person or via Zoom

In Person sessions in Madison require vaccination and masks for COVID-19

Deb Phelps, C.MI, MMT, E-RYT200, RYT500, LVCYT, YACEP

Mindfulness Meditation Instructor
Transformational Mindfulness Coach
Accessible Yoga
Yoga Therapeutics Practitioner
Practitioner of MindBody Therapy
Sound & Energy Healing Practitioner
Laughter Yoga Leader
Certified Aromatherapist
Spiritual Director
Labyrinth Facilitator
Grief Movement Guide
iRest Level 1 Teacher


Here at Peaceful Wellness, I offer the balance that every person is striving for as they walk the path of life—on one hand, PEACE with Relaxation and Healing Modalities, and on the other, PURPOSE with Mind-Body-Spirit Coaching and Empowerment tools.

In my Relaxation Services, I provide you with tools to initiate the self-healing process. These tools of relaxation, movement, meditation and mindfulness, energy work and healing, and aromatherapy will help you to achieve a calmer and more peaceful life.

In my Mind-Body-Spirit Life Coaching & Empowerment services, I help you to tap into your Higher Consciousness for inner guidance, make those challenging decisions, release blocks in relationships and release negative thinking.

Regardless, I hope you will consider Peaceful Wellness your safe space. I invite you to take a breath, rest, and release your stress, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia or other challenges in a comfortable, intimate setting.

I offer a Complimentary 20-minute Consultation for most services, except Aromatherapy. Sessions can be completed individually or you can purchase a coaching package.

Sessions are typically $35 for 30-minutes or $55 for 60-minutes. Packages and Memberships are available.


Purchase Packages

Sound Healing Buy 2 Sessions Get 1 Free
When you purchase two sessions of sound bath/healing, you receive one for free! In person or online sessions available. In this personalized session, we will look together at what needs to be released to promote healing. We will use meditation, mindfulness, energy healing and sound instruments to promote the self-healing process. This session is tailored to you and your needs. You will walk away refreshed, restored and renewed. | uses 3 | expires after 90 days
Eight Private Session Package
Meet with Deb | uses 8
Four Private Session Package
Meet with Deb Phelps | uses 4
Six Private Sessions Package
Meet with Deb Phelps | uses 6

Sound Energy Healing

Relax, restore energy flow, and initiate the self-healing process with the Crystal and/or Tibetan Singing Bowls and the Ataana Method Energy Healing. Healing is hands-off to respect those with PTSD and trauma.

Private Group Sessions are Available

In-Person or Long Distance via Zoom

30-60 minutes sessions
90 minutes session
Short in-person chair sessions are available with the Tibetan Bowls

Transformational Mindfulness and Accessing Inner Wisdom Coaching

My Transformational Mindfulness Coaching shares the psychology of the mind as taught in the Yoga and Mindfulness traditions. I have a variety of options in how we can work together.

During an iRest dyad or co-meditation, we meet one on one and welcome everything just as it is and mirror all that arises. It is simply a process of being present with what presents without the need to fix anything. In this simplicity, you develop a capacity to meet yourself each day in your own meditation. Quite often we can feel that meditation is a struggle and can feel quite lonely. This wonderful practice reawakens our longing for human connection, clarity, and understanding.

I will hold a space of unconditional presence for you because I have spent many years doing this for myself. This creates intimacy and trust which helps you open up to express your truth, emotions, beliefs, and whatever arises in unconditional love and acceptance. We aim to move past the cognitive process and into the somatic experience of feeling, witnessing the changing experiences in real-time, or what I like to call coming’ online’.

In Accessing Inner Wisdom coaching, you will learn how to hear nudges from your soul or spirit guides and follow their lead. We will work specifically with meditation and sound healing in these sessions. When you begin to start following your Inner Guidance, wonderful and unexpected experiences can occur.

If you want to look more deeply at freeing yourself of limiting beliefs, old patterns, and held judgments, we can explore this together from a spiritual perspective to help you come home to yourself, cultivating a relationship with your experience that fosters the felt sense of wholeness and peace. You will learn how to identify your heartfelt desires, and how to use them to manifest abundance and joy in your life.

In all, the coaching process is unique to each client that I serve, and may be supplemented with other modalities such as meditation, breathwork, gentle or restorative yoga, laughter yoga, labyrinth work, aromatherapy or sound and energy healing and others.

45-60-minute sessions approximately
4-8 week session packages available
In-Person or Long Distance via Zoom

Mindfulness Meditation Instruction

Establishing a consistent meditation practice will assist you in your emotional well-being and state of mind. Learn meditation and receive support for your practice. You will be guided in practices that will help to reduce stress, increase memory, and work with distracting thoughts, emotions and pain in the body.

45-60-minute sessions approximately
8 session instruction package available
In-Person or Long Distance via Zoom

Deep Relaxation, Restorative & Accessible Yoga, Mindful Resilience

Release tension & stress with intentional stillness, relaxed restorative yoga poses, guided meditation, along with other possible modalities: crystal singing bowls, energy healing, heated rice bags, and including aromatherapy oils. All customized just for you. See my Rest, Relax & Renew Sessions.

Also available, Body Positive Accessible Yoga. Yoga for those with flexibility or injury challenges. Yoga can be done on a chair easily or by incorporating props and many household items can work if you are doing the session via Zoom. Mindful Resilience helps those with PTSD with breath, meditation, movement, guided rest and the practice of gratitude.

30-60 minutes session
90 minutes session


Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils (alone or blended) by a trained aromatherapist to enhance the healing process and promote health of the body, mind and spirit. Aromatherapy can help with stress and sleep, aches and pains, depression and anxiety, PMS and menopause, focus and concentration, muscle tension, smoking cessation, soothe dry skin and more.

As a Certified Aromatherapist, I will formulate and customize for you a unique product that will help to relieve your symptoms or offer support to your health and well-being.

Aromatherapy Package Includes:
30-45 minutes …. Intake Consultation
30 minutes …. Follow up session (included)
1 custom blend included for your use (could be lotion, diffuser, inhaler, roll-on, bath salts, etc.)
If multiple conditions, additional customized products can be included at extra cost.



I provide mentoring on a variety of subjects to meditation instructors, mindfulness coaches, sound practitioners, and spiritual teachers, including students in these fields.

Interested in expanding your practice in meditation and mindfulness? I created an Advanced meditation and mindfulness training program for My Vinyasa Practice. I personally designed the course so you can continue to explore variations of mindfulness and how it can help you with your thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, and the cultivation of compassion and happiness. I personally support you as you journey through the course. You can even become certified so you can use what you learn to work with your own students and clients. I even included working with singing bowls and writing and recording your own meditations. If interested, you can read more and use this coupon code TAKE15 to receive 15% off the program or any other course on the MVP website at the following link.

30-60 minutes session

Meeting via Zoom.

Purchase a Monthly Membership for $32.99 a month.
Included: The Peaceful Wellness Video Library with a 30-minute private session with Deb each month.


Purchase a Monthly Membership for $49.99 a month.
Included: The Peaceful Wellness Video Library with a 60-minute private session or aromatherapy intake and product with Deb each month.


What can you do for your private sessions?

Sound Energy Healing or Meditation
Guided Meditation or Conscious Relaxation
Meditation Instruction or Support
Spiritual Direction or Mindfulness Coaching
(Learn to Tap into Higher Wisdom, Make Decisions, Release Blocks or Negative Thinking)
Restorative or Accessible Yoga Session
Aromatherapy Personal Session & Products

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