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These ongoing drop-in group sessions are about how we can be peaceful as we take the wellness journey. Some may be trying to lose weight and some may be wanting to relieve their stress. In all, stress does affect our ability to lose weight and experience wellness.

We look at topics such as mindfulness, mindful eating, various relaxation techniques, self-compassion, overcoming perfectionism, emotional eating, healthy eating, learning to meditate, gentle & restorative yoga. and many other topics.

We have a regular meeting on Fridays at 10 am. There are other sessions posted for other days and times, including in the evening.

Session fee is $10-$15 per session depending on what is scheduled
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Can’t attend in person? We now have long distance options via Zoom conferencing.
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Special Book Study October – December 2019
Friday Mornings

Please note that this Friday, October 18th, due to a schedule conflict, we will be meeting at 1 pm instead of 10 am. This is for this session only.

The syllabus for reading the book is as follows. Be sure to pick up your copy of the book either on Amazon (in print or on Kindle), your local bookstore or the library.

Read what you can, but don’t aim for perfection! Hence, why we are reading this book! You are welcome to join us at any time your schedule permits. We start off the session with discussion of the previous week’s readings. Then, we begin reading together the current week’s readings.


“Present Perfect” by Pavel Somov, PH. D.

  • October 11th – Introduction, Part 1: Introduction to Perfectionism in General and To Your Perfectionism Particular and 1. 360 degrees of Perfectionism
  • October 18th – Part 2: Perfectly Imperfect, Completely Incomplete, and Just So, 2. Broadening the Meaning of Perfection
  • October 25th– 3. Perfectly Imperfect: From Dualities and Dichotomies to Suchness, 4. Completely Incomplete: A Process View of Perfection
  • November 1st Part 3: Overcoming Mindlessness, Guilt, Shame, and Motivational Apathy, 5. The Rehabilitation of Conscious Choice, 6. Finding Perfection in a Mistake
  • November 8th– 7. From Guilt to Regret: Rediscovering Motivational Innocence, 8. From Resentment and Reluctance to Renewed Enthusiasm
  • November 15th– Part 4: Rehabilitation of Your Self-View, 9. From Self-Esteem to Self-Acceptance, 10. Breaking Away from the Mirror: Dis-Identification and Re-Identification
  • November 22nd Part 5: Time, Performance and Uncertainty, 11. From Here to Here: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Time, 12. From Outcome to Process: In Search of Perfect Performance
  • November 29th – NO MEETING – Reading Catch-up Week
  • December 6th 13. Embracing the Uncertainty of the Future, 14. Beyond Certainty: Cultivating the Don’t-Know Mind
  • December 13th – Last session for 2019. – Part 6: Coexistence, Compassion, Connection, 15. From Social Vacuum to Compassionate Coexistence

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