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Sharing Our Inner Light

Virtual Event Held Via Zoom

The Soul Sangha invites you to step into the expansive of your heart and nurture your practice of taking care of yourself. It’s about devoting time— on a consistent basis — to explore practical tools and nourishing concepts that can support a life that feels aligned and deeply nurturing to you.  
We believe our soul’s greatest desire is to practice love in all things, including the practice of loving ourselves. We also believe an ongoing intentional practice of caring for ourselves while also embracing the holy mess of our lives is some of the bravest, worthiest work we can do.  
The monthly support and guidance inside our Gathering is wholehearted. It’s about slowly but surely releasing any frenetic energy or need for perfection and replacing it with loving, patient, courageous care for your whole self. Of course, there is plenty of celebrating and deep joy along the way. 
Come join us. You are welcome here and your heart will thank you. 

Our monthly Soul Sangha will include a Come as You Are conversation on the topic, a meditation (also a recorded Raise Your Vibration Meditation for you to use at home), Sound Energy Healing with the Crystal Singing Bowls, and Soul Work as we put into practice what we are learning through process, journaling and creative expression.  Each month you will receive an aromatherapy roll-on or diffuser product to match our theme. See upcoming sessions for January, February and March below.

Register at least 7 days in advance to be sure to receive your specially designed aromatherapy product.

Individual sessions are $25


January 24th (CANCELED)


A look at how we can honor ourselves through personal mind-body-spirit practices.
This session is canceled due to low registration.
The time was going to be 4th Sunday at 10:30 am – 12:30 pm but perhaps that doesn’t work for most people.
If you are interested in these Sanghas for the future, please answer this poll.

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February 28th 


What it looks like to allow ourselves to be who we are and how to be the love for others we wish for ourselves.   


March 28th 


How to tap into our intuition, notice and then translate the signs that are showing up in our lives.