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  • Ah, Right Now It’s Like This
    Why lament where I have been? Why reduce the progress I have made otherwise in my life because my body is not doing what it used to do 5, 10 or 25 years ago? If I can be mindful to the present moment, I can recall that “Ah, right now it is like this.” I can make peace with the present moment. This phrase of “Ah, right now it is like this,” I teach in my mindfulness classes. The mind can have an idea that whatever I am experiencing may go on indefinitely, yet by using this phrase, it is a check-in with the nature of reality in the very moment. This also gives us an opportunity to explore the present. This can be with our thoughts, our emotions or sensations in the body. By using “it’s like this” and not “I’m like this” there is not a personal aspect to it and so we can offer compassionate self-forgiveness. The offer of compassion in the moment is vital to our psyche. By practicing this, it does not mean that what I experience now will [Read more…]