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As both a musician and a yogi, I am familiar with energy patterns, the chakras, and how sound, like the crystal singing bowls, can be utilized for healing and relaxation–especially as I have experienced in my own personal healing journey. I was called to be a healer when I was a teenager and could sense that there was a Universal Source. I tapped into that Universal Source in meditation and my life was transformed. I came to believe that healing is to be activated as self-healing. Your Higher Consciousness knows exactly what you need. This is why when I was introduced to the Ataana Healing Method with Ataana Badilli, I was both impressed and inspired not only with the method but when I met him in person, he exuded calmness, groundedness and deep serenity. I will help you to initiate the self-healing process and support you in your healing journey. ~ Deb

Energy Healing Sessions
Energy Healing Only – 30 minutes
Energy Healing with Sacred Inner Dialogue – 60 minutes
(may include Crystal Singing Bowls, etc.)
Chakra Balancing Sessions – 90 minutes – 2 hours

The Ataana Healing Method is an advanced form of energy work that is one of the most effective healing methods. It is streamlined to support transformation and self-empowerment (calling all of your power back to yourself). And to clear yourself from unhealthy attachments and drain energies to fortify your healthy progress and Life Force. I am here to support you to become the most effective conductor of your higher self and purpose.

The Atanna Healing Method is a full spectrum healing modality that deals with the mental, spiritual, emotional, physical and astral aspects of your life. It is a holistic plan for self-healing that empowers you to take charge of your life. The holistic healing session may include energy work, chakra healing, activations, crystal singing bowls, or crystals, and inner dialogue

Sacred Inner Dialogue can identify and make visible the blueprint of any person and it offers a map for anyone who truly wants to master this life’s journey. It empowers us to redefine our reality by restructuring internal patterns. SID helps us to be more clear, connected, aware, responsible and accountable, and it allows us to understand the nature of our patterns. We can trace them back to their origins and recognize why we put these patterns in place.

We’re able to find the cause of the different forms of stagnation with SID and lovingly support the understanding of why they have been created, which then gives us enough fuel for forgiveness and healing to transform them completely. SID shows us the depths of our existence and the deeper dialogues that are taking place within us. It’s a self-awareness tool that gives us recognition—and with the right practitioner—it gives us also a good printout of who we really are: including all the way down to the level where the deeper and mostly unconscious processes that shape our thoughts and actions take place.

SID helps us to accept our own truth and reality. For the practitioner, it is important to make the unhealthy patterns visible, so you can choose to lovingly release them from your belief systems and filling the newly formed spaces with healthy, life-affirming patterns.

The Ataana Method and Sacred Inner Dialogue was founded and developed by Ataana Badilli, a spiritual teacher and energy healer. His method is built on a wide range of healing modalities and unites them in his Ataana Method.

I have personally found his method to be profound and use it in my own life and have done so with those close to me. All have experienced profound shifts in their lives.

I am now offering the Ataana Method to clients. Contact me to schedule a session or a package of sessions.

Chakra Balancing Sessions – I am also now offering Chakra Balancing Sessions that incorporate working on a specific chakra per session. This can be one chakra or an eight-session program. Each session we take one chakra at a time to focus our attention. The final session is a balance of all the chakras.