RAIN Says Yes to Life | Radical Compassion

In this 15-minute video and what I have below, I share the two questions of mindfulness.

  1. Ask yourself, “What is happening inside of me?”
  2. Now ask, “Can I be with this?” or “Can I let this be?”

We learn how saying YES to what is within us is more beneficial than saying NO to our emotions. When we say NO we are perpetuating our limiting beliefs. In a meditative reflection, we will practice saying YES to what is arising within us.

This video focuses on Chapter 2 in Radical Compassion, “RAIN Says Yes to Life.” Also see Tara’s study guide in the resources below.

For the month of March, we are focusing on the book Radical Compassion by Tara Brach where she details the RAIN practice. Radical Compassion introduces the RAIN meditation as a powerful spiritual technology for cultivating compassion in the face of difficult emotions, limiting beliefs and conflicts with others. Through the acronym RAIN (Recognize-Allow-Investigate-Nurture) we can awaken the qualities of mature compassion—an embodied, mindful presence, active caring, and all-inclusive heart.

I am sharing this RAIN process through Tara’s book and study guide in my Monday and Friday mindfulness classes and on this weekly livestream throughout the month.

You will see below a video I recorded in April of 2020. In this session, we use the theme “Acceptance.” We are introduced to the RAIN practice. I also shared a passage from Tara Brach’s prior book, Radical Acceptance.

Buy the book, Radical Compassion, on Amazon

Tara Brach’s RAIN Resources including Study Guide, other PDFs, and audios

I look forward to joining you with this practice throughout the month here on my website, my Tuesday livestream, and also in my free mindfulness classes hosted by My Vinyasa Practice.

Details on all of my classes here. If you need assistance in working through this RAIN process, I can assist you with my Transformational Mindfulness Coaching services. I use this with clients.

Tara Brach, one of the foremost Mindfulness teachers has written a book Radical Compassion. She uses a specific technique called RAIN, which is an acronym that helps us to work with both physically and emotionally challenging experiences, such as anxiety, worry, or guilt. We can use this along with Loving-Kindness meditation.

In meditation classes, I have frequently taught this practice. I’d like to share it with you as well here so you may find a gentleness of compassion and love as you allow the shower of RAIN to wash over you.

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