New! The Pure Relaxation Experience with Singing Bowls

New! The Pure Relaxation Experience with Singing Bowls

Conscious Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) coupled with Singing Bowls and other instruments.

You wouldn’t think that it is possible to receive the benefits of Sound Meditation, Sound Bath, or Sound Healing over Zoom, but it is! 

Read these comments from recent online sessions with both Groups and Private Clients:

  • OMG, the deepest relaxation I have ever had!
  • I didn’t think that you would feel the vibrations of the bowls through Zoom but I did! I feel like I had a long nap!
  • Absolutely beautiful, and so peaceful! Thank you!
  • I feel awesome!
  • That was my first experience with a sound bath and it was wonderful.
  • I feel like I just woke up from a week long spa trip!
  • I feel very relaxed and sleepy.
  • I loved it! Feel drifty!
  • I just find so much easier to calm my mind while listening to singing bowls.
  • I felt all tingly from the very beginning.
  • Thank you for a relaxing session today!!
  • I am speechless! I feel so well rested.
  • I didn’t want to come back as I felt soooo good.

There is a special setting now in Zoom that allows the full quality of the singing bowls and other instruments to come over on to your computer, and best with headphones.

I am setting up a new monthly session on the 2nd Sunday at 5 pm CDT called The Pure Relaxation Experience. In this session I do a conscious relaxation (also known as yoga nidra) and I include a singing bowls segment towards the end for the deepest relaxation possible.

The Pure Relaxation session is also available as a private session. In the private session, you can choose if you would like Crystal singing bowls or Tibetan singing bowls or both. See Wellness Services to book a complimentary consultation.

My weekly Thursday Sound Meditation, I do on a private YouTube links so the audio is recorded as intended for those watching and listening at a later time. See Events for details.

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