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In Chapter 6 in Radical Compassion, we are provided with tools to help us awaken from the grip of fear. I know the grip of fear all too well. Because of my past, there are still at times when I can be taken into the throes of fear and this promotes feeling unsafe. Because of mindfulness and this exquisite practice of RAIN, I have been able to shift my relationship with fear so I can evolve. Yes, fear is a natural response, but when it is overwhelming it places us in the trance state (as Tara says) and because of this suffering is perpetuated.

Attending to my fear with mindfulness and compassion, I can feel more alive in my heart and thus more present to others in my life.

You can listen to my Mindfulness class on this topic. This focuses on Chapter 6 in Radical Compassion, “Awakening from the Grip of Fear.” Also see Tara’s study guide in the resources below.

  • Short Grounding Practice (0:00 – 3:45)
  • Awakening from the Grip of Fear (3:45 – 11:00)
  • Nurturing the Seeds of Safety Guided Practice (11:00 – 21:05)
  • Guided RAIN Meditation and Follow-Up (21:05 – 36:53)

Audio from the Session

Buy the book, Radical Compassion, on Amazon

Tara Brach’s RAIN Resources including Study Guide, other PDFs, and audios

I look forward to joining you with this practice throughout the month here on my website, my Tuesday livestream, and also in my free mindfulness classes hosted by My Vinyasa Practice.

Details on all of my classes here. If you need assistance in working through this RAIN process, I can assist you with my Transformational Mindfulness Coaching services. I use this with clients.

Tara Brach, one of the foremost Mindfulness teachers has written a book Radical Compassion. She uses a specific technique called RAIN, which is an acronym that helps us to work with both physically and emotionally challenging experiences, such as anxiety, worry, or guilt. We can use this along with Loving-Kindness meditation.

In meditation classes, I have frequently taught this practice. I’d like to share it with you as well here so you may find a gentleness of compassion and love as you allow the shower of RAIN to wash over you.

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