For March – Radical Compassion by Tara Brach

During the month of March, my mindfulness classes will be taking the lead from the book Radical Compassion by Tara Brach. Radical Compassion is a heartfelt and deeply practical book offering the antidote to today’s stressful times: the easy-to-learn, four-step meditation practice, RAIN.

Radical Compassion introduces the RAIN meditation as a powerful spiritual technology for cultivating compassion in the face of difficult emotions, limiting beliefs and conflicts with others. Through the acronym RAIN (Recognize-Allow-Investigate-Nurture) we can awaken the qualities of mature compassion—an embodied, mindful presence, active caring, and all-inclusive heart.

In my Monday and Friday mindfulness classes, we’ll be exploring the nuances of this practice as Tara outlines in the book. I will also post about, most likely not everyday like I have for the Real Happiness Challenge, but a few times during the week. Some of you maybe affiliated with My Vinyasa Practice where I teach my mindfulness classes, if you are a student or alumni, there is a book study group meeting on March 25th for the US and March 26th for Europe.

Tara has a free study guide available, you can download it here Radical Compassion Study Guide.

Buy the book on Amazon

Tara Brach’s RAIN Resources

Read more on this meditation from Tara Brach on

I look forward to joining you with this practice throughout the month.

Details on all of my classes here.

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