Recognize When You Slip Out of Balance

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Recognize When You Slip Out of Balance
  1. Make a commitment – This is the best place to start. Make a commitment to yourself that you will make time and practice listening to your inner process as well as to how you relate to others. Cultivate a way of listening and hearing that is kind and generous to yourself.
  2. Learn to direct your attention – Learning how to meditate will help the quality of your life improve. Through meditation, you can learn to focus and direct your attention. It will not only help with focus, but will bring you a sense of calm and improve your well-being.
  3. Connect with your body – Our bodies accurately keep score of how we are. Take time to regularly scan your body or practice yoga. Walking also helps with connecting to the healing power of nature.
  4. Connect with your mind – We have over 40,000 or more thoughts a day and 75 percent of them are negative. We are predisposed to seek out the bad. Seek out good news and make firm decisions about the quality of thought you would like in your mind and atmosphere.
  5. Connect with other people – When we have an exchange with another person, it will change us and we them. Be curious about your experiences and interactions. Can you offer kindness and compassion to the world?

When we take the time to use these practical ways to recognize if we are in balance are not, our lives can be one of equanimity. We find we can smile easier, rest more deeply, and experience more happiness in our lives.

Self-care is the key to all of these points. I am here to help you on any of these with what I offer at Meditate Madison. From Meditation, to Deep Relaxation with Restorative Yoga, to Dealing with the Inner Critical Thoughts, I am here to assist you to live a life more at ease in this chaotic world.

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